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Advisory Neighborhood Commissions
Census Block Group
Census Tract
Criminal Complaint Number
Neighborhood Cluster
Report Date
Start Date
End Date
Voting Precinct
Map Cooridinates (Location is approximated to the center of the street block. Values are in the Maryland State Plane meters NAD 83 map projection.)
This report only includes offenses where MPD has provided map coordinates that can be displayed. Since January 1st, 2006, this limitation excludes out of total crimes (approximately of the data). 

Report Date: Date the incident was reported to Police.
Start Date: Earliest date the incident could have occurred.
End Date: Latest date the incident could have occurred.

Revision to Crime Data Summary Information
The MPD is committed to providing crime data to our community partners to keep them informed about incidents in the different neighborhoods in DC. At the same time, we are also committed to protecting the privacy of crime victims and the integrity of ongoing investigations. In an effort to balance these objectives the MPD will no longer provide narrative information associated with the crime incidents. Narrative information will be for internal use only.

The following crime information will continue to be available to the public through several websites as well as through the MPD’s community email discussion groups:  
• PSA  
• Criminal Complaint Number (CCN)  
• Block (block address provided; specific addresses are not available)  
• Offense  
• Method  
• Offense  
• Report Date

Individuals interested in getting additional information about a particular incident are encouraged to reach out to their police district commander, their PSA lieutenant, or to attend one of their monthly PSA-Community meetings.

Data Disclaimer:
All statistics presented here are based on preliminary DC Index crime data reported the prior business day to today’s date. The statistics presented here are compiled based on the date the offense was reported ("report date") to the police department. The data do not represent official statistics submitted to the FBI under the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. All preliminary offenses are classified based on DC criminal code and not the FBI offense classifications. Because the data is preliminary, all statistics are subject to change.
Sex Assault data from before 2009 is not available online. Read the full disclaimer.