DC Police Crime Mapping

The Police Department's crime mapping application provides a comprehensive resource for information on crimes throughout the District of Columbia. For more information on how to interpret the results, please refer to MPD's disclaimer.

This application supplies detailed information and maps that are specific to type of crime, frequency, location and date of occurrence. To examine crime in a specific area of interest:

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NOTE: The Metropolitan Police Department implemented a new records management system on Saturday, 8/22/2015, and the Department is currently in the process of validating the data conversion. Until the validation is complete, only data posted before 8/21/2015 will be available on the crime mapping application. The application will be restored as soon as the implementation has been completed and the data conversion validated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Getting the Most of the Crime Mapping Application
The advanced features on the crime mapping application provide a substantial amount of information about crime incidents that have been reported in the District of Columbia. This basic, one-page tutorial explains how to get a quick tabular report and how to download more detailed information.

Please note that the Sex Abuse category represents a subset of the most serious sexual abuse cases reported to MPD.

If you have any comments or suggestions about DC CrimeMap, please email the Metropolitan Police Department.